Loyalty Program



Silver Executive Club

PGK 1,599.00


Gold Executive Club

PGK 2,299.00


Minors Club

PGK 1,000.00

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Earn points when you fly with Air Niugini, with the opportunity to earn more points with our program partners.


For the frequent domestic traveller. Air Niugini’s Executive Club Silver status enables members to enjoy the benefits of being a Destinations member PLUS access to Air Niugini's domestic lounges, priority check-in and additional baggage allowances.


For the frequent international traveller.  Air Niugini’s Executive Club Gold status enables members to enjoy the benefits of being a Destinations member PLUS access to Air Niugini’s international lounges and partner lounges, priority check-in and additional baggage allowances.


For the travelling teenager. Air Niugini’s Minors Club status enables members between 12-17 years of age enjoy the benefits of being a Destinations member PLUS access to Air Niugini’s domestic lounges, priority check-in and additional baggage allowances.

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Earn Bonus Points

As part of Air Niugini's continuous drive to create efficiencies for our clients, we are releasing our Destination Loyalty Mobile Application.
The application now makes it easier for Destinations Loyalty members to check their points and find which partners they can earn points from. The application also features promotions that members can take advantage without having to check their emails at regular intervals.
This enhancement is the first release, as the company intends to add more features in the future.
Free points will be awarded automatically on the second download for each member! Download the mobile application today for free.

Click on the link for more information


Online Claim Missing Points Option is temporarily Offline.

Dear Valued Members,

The online claim missing points option is temporarily unavailable due to technical

issues. Our vendors are currently investigating to find a solution.

An update will be provided as soon as the issue has been resolved.



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