Air Niugini’s Loyalty Program

terms & conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions form the basis of Destinations:

Air Niugini’s Loyalty Program (Destinations). They apply to the relationship between Air Niugini Limited (Air Niugini) and members of Destinations and are intended to protect both our members and Air Niugini. It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions. They contain very important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to them. Your application form contains a field that needs to be signed that verifies that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. If you do not understand these terms and conditions please ask a friend or professional legal advisor to explain them to you. The terms and conditions are effective as of the date of publication and may be changed/modified by Air Niugini from time to time. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Papua New Guinea.

2. Membership

2.1    Application to join Destinations constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions.

2.2     Application to join Destinations is open only to any individual who is at least 18 years of age. In the case of family membership as outlined in section 3, nominated family members must be at least two years of age.

2.3   Membership of Destinations is only open to individuals. It is not open to companies, trusts, partnerships or other entities.

2.4    Destinations membership is not transferable.

2.5 To apply for membership you must pay any applicable fees, complete the membership application form and provide all mandatory details. Nominating of family members less than 18 years of age requires written consent of the Family Head, his or her spouse or the secondary Family Head (see section 3.3). Air Niugini may accept or reject any application in its absolute discretion.

2.6    The Destinations annual membership fee is determined by Air Niugini and maybe modified from time to time.

2.7    If applicable membership fees are due on the 12 month  anniversary of the member joining the program.

2.8 Members will have access to monthly statements via the Destinations website:  Those members who do not have internet access may request one printed statement per month via the Air Niugini Loyalty Team, Ph: 327 3335 or email:  

2.9    Requests for additional print-outs of monthly statements  will incur a penalty of 50 points.

2.10 The start date of your membership will be the date the  membership application form was signed. If an application  is rejected then any benefit that may have been accrued will be null and void.

2.11   If you join Destinations via our website you will be  issued with a membership number and a password to gain access to the members-only features of the website.

2.12  Air Niugini encourages memberships via the Destinations  website: However if you do not have an email address your password and card will be delivered to you either by mail or else it will be delivered to  your closest Air Niugini office.

2.13   It is your responsibility to ensure that you take appropriate care of your Destinations card and your membership number to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your account.

2.14  Members may cancel their Destinations membership at any time by submitting notification in writing and returning  the membership card to Air Niugini, at which time any outstanding points, benefits and privileges will  be cancelled.

2.15   Membership will end automatically upon the death of  the member. Points earned  but not redeemed at the time of death, as well as benefits and privileges will be automatically cancelled. In the case of Family Membership, Air Niugini will transfer Destinations points to the Secondary Family Head, who will then be appointed as the Family Head. A new Secondary Family Head should then be nominated.

2.16   After a period of thirty six months of inactivity, Air Niugini  reserves the right to terminate your membership account. If Air Niugini terminates or cancels your membership, all accumulated Destinations points will be deemed to have expired and will immediately be removed from your membership account. Points will not be re-credited once they have expired. The lapsed member will be contacted by Air Niugini to formally advise the member of this action.

2.17   Air Niugini reserves the right to reverse or cancel any points  credited to a member incorrectly, or not in accordance with,or in breach of, the terms and conditions at any time.

3. Family Membership

3.1       Air Niugini encourages and welcomes members to take out  a Family Membership to  benefit by pooling points earned by  family members.

3.2       The Family Membership on-off joining fee is an annual Family Membership fee determined by Air Niugini and  may be modified from time to time.

3.3        In a Family Membership, one member from the family  is designated as the Family Head and Primary Contact. As a Family Head you may nominate up to four family  members to be enrolled in your Family Membership.

3.4        The Family Head should also nominate on the application  form a Secondary    Family Head in the event of an emergency or the death of the Primary Contact.

3.5        The Family Head and the Secondary Family Head are required to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

3.6     All correspondence pertaining to Family Membership will be available only to the Family Head. The Family Head maintains exclusive control of the account balance and  as such controls all point accrual and redemptions made through the Family Membership.

3.7        Only a Family Head can act on a Family account including but not limited to the redemption of points, request of  statements and contact with the Destinations Customer  Service Centre.

3.8    Air Niugini retains absolute discretion to accept or reject  any application for Family Membership and to cancel any  member’s account in the event of breach of the terms and conditions of the Destinations Loyalty Program.

3.9       A Family Member may opt out of a Family Account. Any points accrued under his or her name whilst within the family account may be transferred in the event of a Family Member upgrading to Executive Club Gold or Silver status and/or if no redemption activity has taken place in the family account, in which case the transfer of points will be at the sole discretion of Air Niugini.

4. Personal Data

4.1    You must provide Air Niugini with a correct mailing  address and/or email address, and/or telephone number. If you change your mailing address/email address telephone number it is your obligation to notify Air Niugini’s Destinations Service Centre in writing, by telephone or via our website. Members are encouraged to manage their account via the members-only pages which can be accessed at

4.2         In order to maintain Destinations membership Air Niugini needs to keep personal data on each member. Some of this data may be shared with suppliers and other companies involved in the program. This data may be used for marketing and communication purposes by the same companies.

4.3         If more than one account number has been assigned to you in error or oversight, the accounts will be combined and the points transferred to one single account, less any duplicated bonuses or mile from the same activity. The other accounts will then be terminated.

4.4       Merging of accounts as outlined in 4.3 can be requested by you or can be conducted at Air Niugini’s discretion.

 5. Executive Club Members

5.1    Executive Club Membership is available at those rates and with those benefits advertised on the Destinations website.

5.2   Executive Club Membership includes free membership into Air Niugini’s Destinations Loyalty Program. However, Executive Club members still need to apply and register for Destinations by completing the Destinations Membership Application form. Membership and payment of fees is recommended via the Destinations website:

5.3   An Executive Club member may wish to upgrade his or her Destinations membership to a Family Membership. The Executive Club Member may do so pursuant to section 3 above.

5.4   Additional family members enrolled in a Destinations  Family Membership by and Executive Club Member are NOT entitled to Executive Club benefits by virtue of their Destinations membership.


Executive Club Access Policy

  Lounge Access

   Access to Air Niugini Paradise Lounge is permitted in the following circumstances for;

  • Air Niugini Executive Club Members & Minors Club Members when travelling on Air Niugini services
  • Air Niugini Business Class customers when traveling on Air Niugini services
  • Qantas members of Chairman’s Lounge; Platinum & Gold Frequent Flyers and   Qantas Club members when travelling of QF code share services (International Lounge Only)
  • Qantas Business class passengers when travelling on QF code share services. (International Lounge Only)


  • 1 guest per member
  • Any additional guests will be subject to space availability – a fee of  K150.00 will be charged per person.
  •  Non members: K150.00 – Approval from Executive Club Coordinator required
  •  Access is not allowed for Executive Club Members travelling on non Air Niugini services, including their guests.
  • Access is not allowed for Qantas members travelling on non QF code share services (International Lounge Only)
  • To avoid inconvenience, we ask that this access policy be observed.

 6. Baggage Allowance (Effective March 2016)

    International Sectors

Additional Free Baggage

  • A fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches if the passenger is dependent on this.
  • 10 kg of any sporting equipment or 15 kg of scuba diving equipment may be included in the passenger's free baggage allowance. Weight in access will be assessed at the applicable excess baggage charges. This allowance also applies to domestic travel in conjunction with international journey, provided that tickets are not separate. If international and domestic tickets are issued separately, they must be cross-referenced.

    Domestic Sectors

Additional Free Baggage

  • A fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches if the passenger is dependent on this.

 7. Earning Points

7.1  Points are the base units of measurement for the Air Niugini Destinations Loyalty Program. Companies with whom members can earn points are known as Program Partners and Air Niugini, at its own discretion, may add or remove any company as a Program Partner from time to time.

7.2    All Members shall have their own personal Destinations account to which the points they earn will be credited.

7.3    Unless otherwise specified one Destinations Loyalty Point will be awarded for every kina spent on valid Air Niugini flights and/or with Destinations Program Partners, exclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges.

7.4    Flights booked overseas in a foreign currency will be converted to PGK at an exchange rate determined by Air Niugini before points are awarded.

7.5    Points may not be exchanged for cash or vouchers unless otherwise stated by Air Niugini.

7.6  Members are required to state their Destinations membership number at the time of reservation and present their signed Destinations membership card when they use the services of Air Niugini or any Destinations Program Partner, to ensure that the Destinations points they earn are credited to their account.

7.7    If the number of Destinations points is incorrect, members should inform the Destinations customer service team immediately.

7.8    Provided the Air Niugini Destinations member has provided the necessary information at the time of ticketing/time of check-in, points will be credited at the end of each month.

7.9    Points will not be awarded in relation to any products or services that are cancelled, refunded or returned. Air Niugini may cancel or deduct any points that have been awarded in relation to cancelled, refunded or returned products or services.

7.10 Points cannot be transferred between Air Niugini’s Loyalty Program and any other loyalty program including but not limited to Qantas Frequent Flyer.

7.11 Points cannot be earned on industry discounts,agency discounts, free or award tickets, infant fares,contra tickets, compensation tickets/make-goods and other special discount tickets as specified by Air Niugini,unless otherwise stated by Air Niugini.

7.12 Points are not awarded for charter flights.

8. Earning Points with Destinations Partners

8.1    Points awarded for non-flight transactions will include, but will not be limited to specified retail, hotel and telecommunications transactions.

8.2   Destinations Loyalty Points will be awarded on the basis of a point for every kina spent with the Destinations Program Partner unless nominated otherwise by Air Niugini. Program Partners may impose a minimum purchase requirement before points are awarded.

8.3  Terms & Conditions for earning points with the Program Partners can be accessed and downloaded at

8.4    Points maybe earned for Air Niugini codeshare flights with Qantas, provided the Destinations Loyalty Program is nominated at the time of booking. You cannot receive Destinations points and Qantas Frequent Flyer points for the same booking. Points cannot be combined with any other loyalty program.

8.5    Points earned with Destinations Program Partners will be credited to members’ accounts following the end of each month.

8.6    Air Niugini is not responsible for fraudulent activities that may involve third parties claiming to be Destinations Program Partners. Air Niugini will nominate Destinations Program Partners in its discretion from time to time.

8.7    Destinations points that have been awarded through a Program Partner on goods or services that have been returned or refunded will be deducted from the member’s account.

9. Redeeming Destinations Points for Destinations Reward Flights

 Submit a redemption request online by logging into your membership account at

If you do not have internet access then provide the Destinations Team with written authority to process your request. The authority should be signed and submitted well in advance of your intended date of travel.

9.1    The rewards offered within the Destinations Loyalty Program consist of various opportunities to redeem points for free tickets, free upgrades and other redemption options offered by Air Niugini from time to time.

9.2    Redemption can be made for Air Niugini flights either through Air Niugini sales offices, the Destinations customer service centre or the Destinations web-site.

9.3    Members must provide security information that readily identifies them when accessing the Destinations customer service team.

9.4    Members will only be eligible for award travel if they clearly indicate at the time of reservation that they are redeeming Destinations Loyalty Points.

9.5    Points required for Destinations flights are determined by Air Niugini as per the Destinations rewards table displayed on the Destinations web-site and in the information brochure. The Destinations rewards table is subject to change from time to time at the discretion of Air Niugini.

9.6    You must book Destinations reward flights no less than 5 working days prior to departure.

9.7    You cannot be waitlisted when booking Destinations reward flights. Open-dated flight bookings are not permitted in Destinations reward flights itineraries.

9.8    In the case of Family Membership, Destinations reward flights bookings can only be made by the designated Family Head.

9.9 Destinations reward travel that encounters a delay or cancellation by Air Niugini will be managed in accordance with Air Niugini procedures.

9.10 If your reward ticket is lost, stolen or destroyed Air Niugini may issue a replacement ticket for a re-issue fee of PGK110.

9.11 Destinations reward flights once confirmed must be ticketed by Air Niugini within 72 hours. If tickets are not collected from any Air Niugini sales office within this period, your booking will automatically be cancelled.

9.12 You will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes and fees as required by law, and surcharges as imposed by Air Niugini. Points cannot be used to pay for such taxes, fees and surcharges.

9.13 Taxes and fees must be paid before Destinations reward ticket is issued at the time of ticketing at any Air Niugini’s sales offices.

9.14  You are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents (including but not limited to insurance and visas) for Destinations reward travel.

9.15    Members must report any suspected unauthorised award claims from their Destinations account within three months of the unauthorised transaction activity for any corrective action to be possible.

You must quote you membership number at the time of booking OR at the check-in counter so that you can automatically earn PX Frequent Flyer Points every time you fly or no points will be given if you fail to action this.

For non-airline Program Partners Destination members may be required to provide proof of purchase for a retroactive credit to apply.

9.18    Destinations points are not transferable except in the case of a Family Membership as outlined in section 3.

9.19   A reservation on any valid Air Niugini flight may be made using Destinations points for a Child (under 12years of age). The Child’s booking may be made using 75% of the Destinations points required for the valid rewards flight.There are no Destinations discounts for unaccompanied minors.

9.20   Redemption bookings will be limited during peak periods as priority is given to the commercial paying passengers. 

10. Using Destinations Points to Upgrade

10.1   It is possible to upgrade to a business class ticket on relevant Air Niugini flights using your Destinations points.Upgrades are available on Air Niugini flights that offer business class, provided space is available and provided you have sufficient points in your account.

10.2    Upgrades must be requested at least 48hours prior to departure.

10.3   Upgrades using a members point are only eligible if the member or family member is booked on a Normal Economy Fare (Y-Class).

10.4   Points required for an upgrade will be as outlined in the Destinations Points Redemption Table as published in the information brochure and on the website. The Destinations Points Redemption Table may be subject to change at the discretion of Air Niugini.

11. Change/ Cancellation/ Loss of a Destinations Ticket

11.1    Destinations Tickets are valid travel documents and are issued under the same terms and conditions as commercial revenue tickets.

11.2    Name changes are only allowed for Family Membership and associated family members. (Note: only one name change is permitted per redemption booking/ticket)

11.3    Date and rate changes can be made without a charge provided a ticket has not already been issued no less than 48 hours before a reward flight. Route changes are subject to sufficient points being in a member's account. (Note: Only one re-booking will be permitted per redemption booking after ticketed).

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11.4    If a member fails to show up for a booked Destinations Reward flight, the ticket will be automatically cancelled and points forfeited.

11.5     Refunds are not permitted for Destination Awards.

11.6    In the event the Destinations Loyalty Program or operations of Air Niugini are altered, suspended, cut-back or cancelled we are unable to guarantee that any affected reward flights booked will be honored. Points for such reward flights booked but not honored will be reinstated into the members account.

 12. Change to Destinations Loyalty Program

12.1      Air Niugini reserves the right to make any changes whatsoever to the Destinations Loyalty Program and these terms and conditions, including but not limited to changes to points, awards, benefits or privileges offered, fees, redemption amounts, and Program Partners, even though such changes may affect the value of points and awards already accumulated.

13. Liability

13.1      To the full extent permitted by law, all conditions and warranties that would be implied (by statute law, customs or otherwise) are expressly excluded.

13.2      Air Niugini and any of their officers, employees or agents are not liable for any loss, damage (including but not limited to pecuniary or exemplary damages), expense incurred by the member or claim of any kind (including but not limited to consequential or economic loss or loss of profits) however it is caused, arising under or in connection with the including any changes to these terms and conditions or the Air Niugini Destinations Loyalty Program.

13.3      Air Niugini is not liable for any errors or failure to credit Destinations points.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I become a Destinations member?

A:    We highly recommend you visit our website:    where you will find full information   and an electronic membership application form. However if you do not have internet access complete the application form enclosed with this brochure.

Q: How do I earn points?

A:    Each time you fly with Air Niugini you will receive one Destinations Point for each kina spent (unless otherwise specified by Air Niugini). You keep and accumulate points and redeem them later for valid flights.

Q: What about the tax, fees and surcharges I pay on the air ticket, do I receive points for that?

A:    No. There are also other conditions. For instance you cannot receive points for travel that is non-valid under the Terms & Conditions of the Destinations program.

Q: Can anyone join?

A:    Yes, provided you are over 18. Only individuals can join, not companies or trusts. For those under 18, there is Family Membership available however the designated Family Head and the secondary Family Head both must be at least 18 years of age.

Q: I do not fly that much, will I benefit?

A:    The purpose of Destinations is to reward loyal Air Niugini customers, so if you don’t fly much then you are unlikely to benefit. However if there are members of your immediate family that fly a few times a year, there may be a benefit in having a family membership.

Q: I am also a Qantas Frequent Flyer, will that be affected?

A:    You can remain a Qantas Frequent Flyer, however when you book a flight you must nominate which account you want credited with the points. Please note that Air Niugini’s Destinations Loyalty Program and Qantas Frequent Flyer have different terms and conditions. The important thing is that you now have a choice.

Q: Is it possible to earn points on an unused ticket?

A:    No. Points are only earned and accrued once the flight is taken.

Q: If I don’t have sufficient points to redeem, can I Purchase Points?

A:    Yes.


To purchase points, contact the Destinations Office on phone: (675) 327 3335 or email:

You can now purchase points if you are short of the points required to redeem for an award.

• Points may be purchased in blocks of 1000.

• Members must have at least 75% of the points required for the award

• Minimum 1000 to maximum 20,000 points per purchase.

• Points may only be purchased once there is confirmation to redeem (the booking must

be confirmed)

• There is No Refund once purchase transaction is made

• Members can only purchase points for the award

• Points must be purchased by or with consent of the Primary Head

• Acceptance of multiple points purchases in a 12 month period by a member is at the

discretion of Air Niugini

How Purchase Points works

Top-up points table


Pricing for points (GST Inclusive)















































        When you redeem points for a flight it is called a Destinations reward flight. The amount of points needed for any one-way reward flight is listed on the back of the terms and conditions in the membership brochure.

Q: Can I redeem Destinations reward flights on any flight,at any time?

A:    You may find it difficult to get a Destinations reward flight during peak periods such as Christmas because that’s when flights tend to get fully booked, very quickly. Destinations reward flights are subject to availability. Members may choose to select a different flight or date to travel.

Q: Can I fly anywhere on a Destinations reward flight?

A:    Yes, provided it is with Air Niugini on any Air Niugini route. If you choose to fly to Australia or Singapore, or other international destinations you will, of course need to have the relevant travel documentation (passport, visa etc) before you get ticketed for your Destinations reward flight.

Q: Do I earn points for travelling on a Destinationsrewards flight?

A:    No, flights booked using your Destinations points are not eligible for points accrual.

Q: Can I convert my points to cash?

A:     No.

Q: How do I know how many points I have earned?

A:    Simply log onto and click on the members-only tab to access your account.Or you can have one monthly statement printed at any Air Niugini office after the first day of each month. Air Niugini is also exploring the possibility of members being able to check their balance by mobile phone text-request. This service will be called Destinations text-request.

Q: Can I transfer my points to another person’s account?

A:    No. However points can be transferred within a Family Membership account, but only to nominated members within the Family Membership.

Q: Can I use points to pay tax, fees and surcharges on flights?

A:    No. Taxes, fees and surcharges must be paid in cash at the time of ticketing.

Q: I am an Air Niugini Executive Club member, do I need to join the Loyalty Program?

A:    Executive Club members will automatically become members of Destinations Loyalty Program. However Executive Club members are required to complete the Destinations membership application form.

Q: If I do not have enough points for a Destinations reward flight can I top-up my points by paying cash?

A:    Yes, you can purchase additional points with cash and use these together with any points earned to redeem award flights. For more information see Section 10 in the Terms and Conditions.

More questions?

        Air Niugini Destinations customer service centre can be contacted on 180 3444 (PNG only) or go to

Destinations Rewards

        You can now redeem your points for valid reward flights to any Air Niugini destination of your choice. You can also earn additional points with our Destinations partners, meaning that you will be able to get to where you want to go, quicker.

Point Redemption Chart

(Based on One-Way travel)

        Note: Points cannot be used for paying taxes and fees as required by law, and surcharges as imposed by Air Niugini. Other conditions apply. For more details relating to Redeeming Destinations Points see Section 8, Terms and Conditions.